Tree stump grinding & removal Mornington Peninsula

Call the experts to grind away unsightly and hazardous tree stumps clearing the way for driveways and building.

Tree stumps are like a magnet for pests like termites, ants and cockroaches as well as attracting unwanted fungi that can easily infect nearby trees.

If you have tried DIY stump removal before, you probably will have discovered that the tree roots go much deeper and further than you originally thought. Luckily the team at Laurie Brown Pty Ltd have a range of expert techniques and the right equipment to remove even the deepest stumps. Old stumps in your yard can be an unsightly mess, so call our team today and we will have your yard looking great in no time.


Our tree services

• Tree surgery

• Tree removal

• Trimming and pruning

• Mulching and chipping

• Tree felling, block and land clearing

• Stump removal

• Fire protection


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